Community Engagement and Accountability

For years, City Hall has operated in the interests of big developers and donors and not citizens and small business owners, like the many that live and work in the 12th Ward. Decisions are made without being thoroughly vetted or explained. This mindset plagues not only the inner workings of the City government but the Democratic Party, too. Voters are often told what is best for them instead of being asked their opinions. It is evident in the corrupt process to explore airport privatization, how the City distributes tax incentives, and how the annual ward funds are allocated.
As alderman, I pledge to be accessible and transparent through the use of social media, newsletters, monthly listening sessions, and by instituting participatory budgeting in the 12th Ward. You deserve to have your voice heard and to have big decisions explained to you. You deserve to have a say in how $300,000 a year, or $1.2 million over an aldermanic term, is distributed to fix roads, sidewalks, dumpsters, or street lights. I also pledge to do everything in my power to make the government more accessible. In the 21st century, a citizen should expect that their government’s website is user-friendly and that the City is abiding by Sunshine Law requirements. Citizens deserve a government that is open and honest, not one that refuses to conduct its business in an orderly fashion, and an alderman that communicates in a respectable and timely manner, with respect and dignity. That is my promise to you.