“We Before Me”

For too long, St. Louis City has operated in a fractured manner. Aldermen and alderwomen have operated their wards like fiefdoms, rarely working in collaboration to benefit the whole City. This has resulted in a lopsided benefit of tax incentives and development throughout the City. Meanwhile, property taxes continue to go up for every one. Since resources are not allocated objectively, schools, roads, and public safety have suffered. In St. Louis, whether or not your road gets paved is based on the whims of your alderperson, not a central strategy from City Hall. It shouldn’t be like this.

As alderman, I pledge to use my power to make City government work better for all of us. That means some tough conversations and sacrifices. The lack of tax-producing properties in North City is directly affecting the tax rate throughout the City. The failure to combat violent crime and drug and sex trafficking is tarnishing our City’s reputation, driving down property values for everyone. The City needs to start allocating resources where they are needed. If all of the City isn’t successful, it won’t matter, in the long-term, if only part of it is. We only grow and get better as one. I pledge to work with the mayor and president of the Board of Alderman to examine and reform how tax financing is distributed, how public safety dollars are allocated, and to work to change the archaic and broken system of ward capital funds. City Hall needs to be laser focused on addressing chronic vacancy and crime, and it starts with rethinking the entire system with a social justice lens.